Adult Classes

Latin American
The popularity of Latin American dancing is easily understood once you start dancing it. The Cha Cha Cha with its cheeky Cuban rhythm; the Samba portraying all the fun of a Brazilian carnival; the sensuous and enticing Rumba; the Jive with its roots in Lindy Hop, Jitterbug and Swing; and the Paso Doble depicting the spirit of the bull-fight – all make Latin American dancing exciting and fun to learn.

With its beauty, grace and elegance it is easy to see why Ballroom dancing is still one of the most popular styles of dance. The romance of the Waltz; the syncopated rhythms of the Quickstep; the elegant, flowing Foxtrot; the sharp staccato action of the Tango; and the classic charm of the Viennese Waltz – all make Ballroom dancing exciting and fun to learn.

Argentine Tango
This popular improvisational style of dancing has its origins in the back street bars of Buenos Aires, Argentina in the late 19th century where Argentine gauchos (cowboys) would dance to impress the ladies. It differs greatly from Ballroom Tango in both closeness of hold and poise, and is characterised by Hooks (Ganchos), Sweeps (Barridas) and Displacements (Sacadas).

In Argentine Tango both partners contribute to telling the story of a relationship that is encompassed in each dance. The beauty of the music combined with the warmth of the embrace is a combination that cannot be found in any other dance. Be prepared to fall in love with Argentine Tango.