Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson
Owner and Principal Teacher

As a highly qualified martial arts instructor one of the questions people often ask is what made me take up dancing. I’d like to say I was inspired by my parents who were very keen Ballroom and Latin American dancers but it was in fact the movie “Dirty Dancing”, and after my first dance class I was hooked. There were many times that I would finish a dance class to go and teach martial arts and my students would joke that my kung fu forms were starting to resemble different dances.

After a few dance lessons I decided to work towards medal exams to help me focus on technique (medal exams are also a great way to monitor your progress). A couple of years later I was helping to teach children’s medal classes. Becoming a professionally qualified member of the International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA) was the next logical progression and although I passed my exams with 94% honours my youngest son asked what happened to the other 6%. Exactly! Dancing is a passion, some would say an obsession and my martial arts teaching now seems a distant memory.

I don’t teach Ballet, Bhangra or Belly Dancing. I don’t even teach Zumba. I specialise in teaching three main dance styles and I do it with bags of enthusiasm. I provide classes and personal tuition in Latin American, Ballroom and Argentine Tango and particularly enjoy working with people new to these dance styles.