Bride & Groom
Make your first dance memorable with the help of our wedding dance service. Whether you want to impress your family and friends with a specially choreographed routine or just need a helping hand in building the confidence to take your first steps on the dance floor, Wilson’s Dance UK can help.

Wedding Party
We have recently run a very successful private class for the top table guests; Bride & Groom, Brides Parents, Grooms Parents, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen & Partners. This was a great way of building up to the big day and sharing a few laughs between those closest to you. Everyone may have started off with two left feet but they left with the confidence to get up and dance a Waltz, Quickstep, Social Foxtrot and Rumba – all in 8 weeks.

(FaceBook 28/6/2015 – Kate & Andy). I’d just like to thank Peter for helping us learn our ‘first dance’ at our wedding which took place just over a month ago. I had always wanted to try and master something a little more adventurous for our first dance so made contact with Peter (after convincing my husband-to-be that it would be a fab idea!!!) about 6 months before the big day. He responded to me straightaway and explained our options. I didn’t want anything particularly complicated rather something a little more relaxed but I desperately wanted some twirls to feature!! I had done a bit of dancing as a child but my husband had done nothing, other than pulling out the typical enthusiastic moves of a weekend…after a few beers. Peter was really helpful from the outset. He advised how many lessons we would realistically need and choreographed the perfect routine for us which actually, although relatively simple in the grand scheme of things, took some commitment to learn; but let me tell you, it was sooooo worth it! My husband was the typical bloke and wasn’t overly keen on the dance lessons idea, but luckily for me, he appreciated my vision and in the end was really pleased we chose to make that extra bit of effort to make it particularly special (he was actually pretty good!). Everyone was so impressed after watching us dance. It was just so lovely! I’ve watched videos of us since and cry most time because it’s just so nice to see and actually quite surprising how polished we looked! We are both so happy we chose to commit to the idea. We both felt really quite confident when we hit the dance floor and it was a great surprise for our friends and family to see that we had learned an actual routine. Peter was just lovely during our lessons and very patient. Even the most simplest of steps didn’t always come easy to us but Peter was a fab teacher and helped us nail them in the end. I’d encourage future bride and grooms (or anyone wanting to learn to dance actually!) to contact Peter, talk through ideas and take it from there. Even when you are up to your neck in wedding planning it’s still totally worth it to learn that special first dance. It’s a pretty awesome feeling being able to pull it off and hearing your guests lovely comments as you spin around the dance floor. Thank you so much.

(FaceBook 29/7/2015 – Reah & Nibby). I know Reah has said thanks already but I just want to say a personal thank you for transforming my two left feet and creating a perfect dance for both of us. Your patience, ability to settle my nerves and get the best from us was amazing. I turned up at our first lesson nervous and unsure, I now consider the dance as one of best bits of our wedding and seriously have the bug. I recommend any couple give it a go, I promise you will not regret it. Thanks again Peter.