Sunday 12th May 2024

Today I delivered an Argentine Tango workshop at the North West UK Salsa Congress. This is my 4thtime of being invited so I must be doing something right. The class were of very mixed ability with some having danced Tango for a few years and some being complete beginners.

My workshop was supposed to be for beginners but I always push the boundaries as people do respond well to my teaching methods. So even the beginners were soon dancing tango.

This particular Congress attracts teachers from all over the world and I feel quite pleased to have become part of their regular teaching team.

For those of you who are interested, this is what I taught:

  • Displacement from front ocho with gancho
  • Rock turn into sandwich, followed by side parada with leg rub
  • Back ocho in sandwich and pasada
  • Salida

Feedback from those attending was very pleasing.