Wilson’s Dance – Argentine Tango

Learn Argentine Tango dance in Blackpool.

In the back street bars of Buenos Aires, Argentina in the late 19th century, a unique form of Tango emerged. Unlike the Ballroom Tango, this version was distinct in its closeness of hold and poise. The Argentine Gauchos, or cowboys, would dance this passionate and energetic style to impress the ladies.

Characterised by intricate moves such as Hooks (Ganchos), Sweeps (Barridas), and Displacements (Sacadas), Argentine Tango is a dance of skill and finesse. Its roots in the cultural heritage of Argentina make it a captivating art form that continues to enchant dancers and spectators alike.

In Argentine Tango, the dance becomes a beautiful narrative of a relationship, with both partners playing an equal role in telling its story. The mesmerising music and the intimate embrace create a unique blend that sets Argentine Tango apart from all other dances.

The essence of Argentine Tango lies in the connection between the partners, as they move in harmony to express emotions and passion through each step. It’s a dance that goes beyond just movement; it delves into the depths of human connection and expression.

Argentine Tango at Wilson's Dance School